#132 – Bonus: Lawrence on “Agents Building Cashflow” Podcast with Randall McLeaird

Seasoned real estate investor, Lawrence Dunning, shares his personal journey, financial philosophy, and the urgent need to spread the message of asset ownership in an inflationary world. He highlights how real estate isn’t just about cash flow and appreciation but is a powerful tool for tax benefits, especially for those navigating the complexities of family life and building wealth. 

He spills the secrets of the forgotten asset class – real estate. He also talks about crafting the book, “The Forgotten Asset Class,” aimed at demystifying the complexities of real estate investing.  

Key takeaways:

Why unlike stocks and bonds, real estate requires a nuanced understanding of specific markets and local dynamics.

The importance of defining non-negotiables for a balanced life.

How money can alleviate financial stress and amplify one’s human experience.

Co-authoring a book, combining analytics & personal anecdotes.

Black Belt in Life: Lawrence’s reflection on his multifaceted experiences.

The value in documenting our life lessons for future generations.

Viewing real estate as the fourth asset class often neglected by financial education.

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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