#133 – Mike Fallat: Author’s Advantage: How Writing a Book Can Skyrocket Your Business

Recognizing the power of stories, Mike Fallat founded Dreamstarters Publishing to help individuals share their unique narratives and make a lasting impact. He believes in the importance of being vulnerable and authentic, understanding that true connection comes from sharing one’s genuine experiences.

Throughout his journey, Mike emphasizes the price one must pay to achieve the desired character, advocating for shifting perspectives and embracing life as a game. He draws inspiration from the Hero’s Journey, guiding others through their own quests for success and fulfillment.

Despite the challenges, Mike encourages overcoming the Impostor Syndrome, recognizing one’s worth and embracing self-confidence. Through his experiences and insights, Mike empowers others to pursue their dreams, navigate obstacles, and achieve their fullest potential.

0.00:    Mike’s early journey that led him to founding “Dreamstarters Publishing”

4.21:    Impact of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (and ‘The Fountainhead” for Lawrence)

9.20:    Mike’s early years growing up in Pennsylvania

15.00: The Power of stories

24.00: Being vulnerable and authentic

31.43:  Price to pay to achieve the character you seek (shifting perspectives)

36.20:  Idea of life as a game

40.00:  The Hero’s Journey

47.00:  Getting the right clients for your business (that are aligned with your mindset)

52.50:  Being authentic and tell the truth

55.30: Overcoming the Imposture Syndrome

“Your income is directly tied to how well you articulate your solutions.”

Connect with Mike to write your book: https://dreamstarterspublishing.com/?fpr=lawrence46

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