#134 – Daniel Sih: The Fracturing of Our Focus & How to Reclaim It in the Age of Distraction

It’s always a pleasure to talk to my friend Daniel Sih, Productivity Coach & Concerned Dad.  As a professional as well as a father of three, he sees first hand what technology is doing to our attention spans as well as how it’s impacting the youth of today. 

This week Daniel is launching “Spacemakers” a youtube series on how to regain out focus

“Technology wears it’s benefits on its sleeve, while its drawbacks are buried deep within.”


0.00:    Daniel’s Background and when he realized he wanted to live an intentional a life

7.00:    Figuring out what is the career path that we should follow

13.30:  The realization that “time” is the ultimate currency

20.00:  Losing focus with the distraction of ubiquitous use of cell phones

30.30:  Losing business to maintain your sanity (in tech dominated professions)

36.15:  How online time is “practicing” time being distracted by technology

43.30:  How to protect your children from an overabundance of technology

50.00:  Why we cannot use the Tribe as a barometer for kids and technology

56.00:  Why our fondest memoires of youth always involve people and nature

1.08.00: Why community is so important

Learn more about Daniel and the great work he is doing:



Until next time, love and good vibes. 


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