#135 – Matt Drinkhahn: The Eternal Optimist: It’s Never Too Late

Matt Drinkhahn is a business coach, strategist, husband and father, and just released his book, The Eternal Optimist and has a podcast also called “The Eternal Optimist”. 

0.00:    Intro

4.00:    How do we learn to be “present”

9.10:    Power of gratitude and writing down intentions

14.10:  Taking work off your plate to be more present with those who are most important

21.00:  Choosing the lens with which to see the world

25.00:  What am I committed to today that my future self will that me for?

33.00: Top Regrets of the dying

36.00:  Strained relationships between fathers and sons

39.20:  Learning emotional intelligence through death and hardships

42.10:  Making it right with people before it’s too late 

Learn more about Matt: http://www.eternaloptimistpodcast.com/

Buy Matt’s book on Amazon: https://shorturl.at/swCYZ

Until next time, love and good vibes. 


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