#136 – Bonus: Lawrence Dunning on “You’ve Got This Dad” with Thomas Huisking

I’m Thomas Huisking, and this channel is meant to be a community of dads helping each other get better as partners, men, and most of all, as fathers to their children. We don’t talk about the best way to do things or as if we’ve mastered fatherhood, but rather what’s worked for us and how we’ve grown in the process. More cool stuff here: http://www.thomashuisking.com 

Lawrence Dunning is a real mensch: he goes hard for his clients, and even harder for his family. Jiujitsu black belt, former derivatives trader, now a real estate agent and developer, Lawrence had lived many lives at the professional level prior to starting a family at 40 years old… In this episode he talks about the power of jiujitsu across his lifetime and why it must be passed on to his children, why it’s important to forgive your parents, the necessity of manual labor and being outside, and so much more! IG: @lawrencedunning.

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