#137 – Andrew MacDonald: Setbacks to Success: Adventures of National Geographic Photographer

Andrew is an adventurous photographer and videographer who has traveled extensively around the world.  Despite some crazy setbacks, such as losing all his belongings to a wildfire in Botswana, Andrew’s determination led him back to Africa where he furthered his career, working with notable companies like Time + Tide Africa and White Desert. Currently, he thrives as a freelance photographer and videographer, creating content for various brands worldwide. 

Andrew on IG: a_mac_photo


0.00:    Meeting Andrew in Antarctica

4.04:    Going to the South Pole & Running a marathon in Antarctica

12.00:  From an upbringing in Scotland to travelling the world and igniting a curiosity of adventure

18.00:  First Photography show in Scotland

28.00:  Going back to Africa and losing everything in Botswana

39.30:  Spending time in Madagascar

45.00:  Creating content for luxury resorts and hotels

52.00: Close shaves with some wild lions

58.00: Controversary over big game hunting in Africa

1.05.00:  The mentality of constant improvement 

1.08.00:  Mindset of marketing as a freelancer

Until next time, love and good vibes. 


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