#138 – Bill Allen: Renewed Vows: Navigating Marriage, Money & Meaning

Bill Allen is a former Navy pilot who transitioned into a wholesaler flipper and a mastermind coach. Today he’s doing over 200 deals a year.  Despite all his financial and career success, Bill is determined to get the most out of his potential, make a positive influence to as many people as possible as well as being the best husband and father he can be.  We talk about real estate, family, mindset, legacy and success.

0.00:    Bill’s background and how he repaired his floundering marriage

7.30:    Sharing some of your failures and struggles is important

14.30:  Importance of disconnecting from technology for rejuvenation

20.45:  Building a community with a focus on financial literacy (focusing on youth)

24.30:  Money is a tool we need to learn how to use

29.15:  Why we should build a legacy for our family

39.00:  The idea of “non negotiables” for our children

44.30:  Instilling an appreciating for our children in the value of money

52.00:  How Bill gave up his phone for 7 months

59.30: How hard it is to say “no” for natural “givers”

1.05.00: Facing the existential fear of death


“It’s the quality of time that matters, not the quantity.”

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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