#140 – Dr. Danny Brassell: Perspective Shifts: From Inner-City Teacher to Education Advocate

It’s always a pleasure to talk to 17-time author, educator and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Danny Brassell.  Danny has the worlds top reading engagement program and is on a mission to educate the youth in the powers of reading. 

Danny delves into strategies for parents to instill a love of reading in children and shares advice on creating positive habits. He reflects on his evolution as a teacher and draws inspiration from the story of great historical figures. 

0.00:    Introduction to Dr. Danny Brassell and his mission

3.45:    How to motivate people to read more (especially children)

13.00: Integrating a child’s interest in the joy of reading

29.00:  How to let children follow passions and signature strengths

40.20:  Balance as an idea of ranking priorities in life

46.30:  Why we must burnt the boats and go “all in” to achieve great things

51.00:  How to be an effective speaker and connect with your audience

56.00: Overcoming fear in public speaking

1.01.00: Wisdom has Danny has learned through all his varied life experiences


Contact: DannyBrassell.com – for speaking engagementslazyreaders.com – monthly book recommendations

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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