#143 – Mark Turner: Humanitarian Missions in Ukraine & Israel, Media Biases, & the Duality of War

Mark Turner is the founder of the Overwatch Foundation, a non for profit  utilizing United States Military Veterans to Provide Critical Natural Disaster Relief & Urgent Humanitarian Response to Those in Need.  Mark is also a 3rd degree Black Belt under Damian Maia, owns the “BJJ Lab”, a thriving Jiu-jitsu school in Naperville, and is also a husband and father of two. 

Mark and his Team, at The Overwatch Foundation have completed 21 missions to some of the world’s most dangerous regions, seeking humanitarian aid to protect the innocent.

0.00:    Mark’s Start with Humanitarian aid that grew into “The Overwatch Foundation”

6.30:    The power of getting started before you figure it out

12.00:  Is there hope for resolution in the Middle East?

17.00:  The complexity of our current conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East

23.00:  How the news outlets warp reality to push narratives

32.00:  Why Communism works on a Kibbutz

38:00:  How there is both horror and beauty war

43.00:  The work Overwatch is doing on the borders

54.00:  Helping exposed innocent civilians protect themselves in the West Bank

1.02.00: Coming home from warzones

1.07.40: Importance of Family

1.13.00: Mark’s Team utilizing current and former military veterans

1.20.20: The Philosophy & Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu

Support Mark’s Mission: https://www.helpteamoverwatch.org/

Mark’s Jiu-Jitsu School: https://www.bjjlabnaperville.com/

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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