#144 – Jerry Scarlato: Focus & Fitness: Maximizing Performance & Intentionality

Jerry Scarlato is an Entrepreneur, Personal Development Coach, Author, Speaker & Podcaster. Jerry helps people find health and fitness, as well as being more focused and intentional in a world of distractions and shortcuts. He advises groups and individuals maximize their performances by developing a better mindset. 

0.00:    Jerry Background as a gym owner and “building community”

7.20:     Overcoming a “low frustration tolerance”

13.00:   Transitions and single after a decade long marriage

17.00:   Idealization in relationships

26.00:   Importance of real assets in today’s inflationary market

34.00:   Wisdom from reading older books (principles remain)

38.45:   Stoicism written 2,000 years ago, influencing entrepreneurs today

44.00:   Being in the moment and having boundaries with cell phones

53.00:   Building self confidence by focusing on tasks (rather than goals); Process not product

1.02.00: Being intentional with time and being a man of your word

Connect with Jerry Scarlato: http://www.instagram.com/jerryscarlatowww.youtube.com/@jerryscarlato

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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