#146 – Matt Ortiz: Mastery & Mindset: Jiu-Jitsu, Personal Growth & Entrepreneurial Success

Matt is a husband and father of 6, Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, Construction and Real Estate and Started the IL Chapter of the Squire Program – a father and son development group to build purpose driven leaders. 

0.00:    Matt’s Background & Starting the IL Chapter of the Squire Program

4.00:    Jiu-Jitsu as a vehicle for personal development and seeing what is possible in life

7.40:    Mastery being something to strive for, but we can never achieve

14.00:  Being present and controlling your emotions as the best advice of fathers

24.10:  Exercise, nutrition and earning your screen time

29.40:  Accountability, Expectations and Limiting Beliefs

33.30:  Building a financial war chest to free up your time

40.45:  Learning & Master a Craft and Start your Own Company (Being Entrepreneurial)

48.00:  Matt’s Non-Negotiables and Morning Routine

54.00:  Gratitude (living in the present) as the secret to Happiness 


IG: @squireprogram.il

IG: @m_ortiz_28

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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