Gratitudes, Appreciation and Worthy Mentions


To all the guests who shared their stories, their time and their wisdom with me. And thank you to all the listeners around the world who make this passion project so rewarding.



It’s a long read, so best for an undistracted vacation, but this book really did change my life and I know I have mentioned it on so many podcasts. It’s a philosophical novel and there is so much that applies to society today (even though it was was published in 1943) this book inspired me to live the life of an entrepreneur at 24; soon after I finished it, I quit my lucrative trading job, started my own trading company and I have never looked back.

This has been the most cited recommended book by a wide variety of guests. It will definitely help you set up good habits for a lifetime of success.

This is the best book on long term strategic thinking. I read it when I was a little lost in the middle of a career pivot, and it really helped solidify my vision for the future that I wanted to live.

If you are in a rut and struggling, read this. Or if you are about to run a marathon/ compete in a hard athletic event and are looking to build some mental fortitude, or find some courage this is the book for you. Goggins is a gift to the world and his savagery inspires me every day.

For any runners/ endurance athletes Dean’s first book (they are all great)  is must read. After this I decided I wanted to run a marathon on every continent and a decade later I did it!! Dean has lived an amazing life following his passions and showing what the human body is capable of, all while balancing family life.

Brian is a friend of the show and one of the leading experts on bitcoin.  If you are curious about understand this revolution we are in the middle of, this is the best one stop shop for all things Bitcoin.

I have been a huge fan of Irv and his work – both fiction and nonfiction.  For any married couples I could recommend reading this one together. It will deepen your bond and make you appreciate the time that you have together.

I have giften dozens of copies of this book. Its smaller so its a quick read and Mathew is also a friend of the show, but its lesson is powerful: How to achieve success before its too late.

If you want to understand economics, finance, fiat currency, politics and inflation I would recommend this. Saifedean is a great writer and despite some deep topics he writes in an easy flowing style and its not a hard read.

A wonderful novel for anyone who loves their dog.  By seeing the world through a dogs eyes; with their much shorter lifespan I found a new appreciation for both my dogs and also the rapid passing of time. Its a real tear jerker that was made into a great movie.



Dr. Andrew Human is a neuroscientist and tenured professor who does an incredible job with The Huberman Lab Podcast.  He discusses science and science-based tools for everyday life from topics ranging from health and fitness, to fertility and sleep.  I have learned so much from him and this is an incredible resource.

A deep-dive podcast with host Peter Attia, focusing on maximizing longevity, and all that goes into that from physical to cognitive to emotional health.As I get older I want to maximise my longevity and I cannot recommend this enough.

Nick is a friend of the show, fellow jiu jitsu black belt and real estate entrepreneur. He has a nice wide ranging selection of inspiring guests, from athletes to entrepreneurs and he always has great insights.

Hosted by coach, entrepreneur, martial artist and 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt, my close friend, Nicolas Gregoriades, this show features interviews with accomplished and unique individuals dedicated to helping men lead lives of more passion, adventure and success.

One of the podcasts I truly believe is deserving of a far broader listenership. My close friend, poet, philosopher, artist and designer Rocco Jarman elegantly explores some important questions about the human experience for anyone curious about the place where science and spirituality overlap.