Artem Tepler, on Lessons from a Self Made Man

Lawrence is joined by Artem Tepler. After coming to America as a child from Communist Russia, Artem soon understood that he could flourish in his new home with the right work ethic and mentality. From his formative years training in traditional martial arts as a boy, and progressing through the belt system to Black Belt in Taekwondo, he developed his “growth mindset”: that anything was possible if he worked hard and grew into his ambitions. After college, his determination for financial success in this “land of opportunities” eventually brought him great wealth from real estate rehabs and development. Like so many, he was overextended during the 2008 real estate crash and briefly went into debt and forced to live in the attic of one of his rental properties. Remembering the track record that brought him his early success, Artem doubled down. He left the West Coast, figuring he might as well be warm if he had to restart his empire. He tapped into his immigrant mentality and inspirational work ethic to propel him into even greater success, moving from smaller rehabs to huge ground up developments. Artem is a voracious reader, a skillful Brazilian jiujitsu practitioner, and is always learning and evolving. He is the epitome of a self-made man.  

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