Austin Schmidt: “Turning Pro” as a Real Estate Developer

Austin Schmidt is Colorado based developer who brings 15 years of experience in real estate.  He has done traditional rehabs, flips, wholesaling, and massive multi family new construction. Austin left his secure job as an engineer at Dupont to go all in on real estate and brings a very professional approach to entrepreneurship, combining the discipline from corporate America with the mindset of an athlete from his years as a soccer player. 

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1.00: Austin’s start in the real estate and the Denver Market back in 2007/8

7.00: Leaving the Corporate World to go into Real Estate Full time

13.15: Athlete mentality in Real Estate

21.15: Going all in in Fix N Flip and how to manage a project

28.30: Wholesaling to enter into the business as the investor

44.30: Working with multiple investors; communication, transparency, and personal guarantees

1.04.00: Details on scaling businesses and expanding teams

1.11:00: Working with teams, and leading from the front

1.20.45: Problems in real estate with higher rates

1.32.00: Work with parenting; importance of prioritizing kids

1.46.00: Connecting with your significant other

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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