Brad Anastasia, on Why Leaving the Corporate Ladder Helped Him Grow Exponentially to Seek Real Happiness

Lawrence is joined by Brad Anastasia, a former Investment Banker who became so burnt out with the Rat Race, that he quit the Corporate Dream and moved to South America to search for answers on how to live a life worth living. During his years in Argentina and Peru, Brad spent his time learning Spanish, while trying to demystify the elusiveness of happiness. While working in finance he had traded in the currency of money as a yardstick for happiness. Now, amid so much less, he realized that it was happiness itself, that was the ultimate currency. He moved back to the U.S., settling in Chicago, wrote a book that focused on the path to happiness, and started a new life of balance and fulfillment. He realized happiness wasn’t a destination, but rather a journey. We discussed his 8 daily habits to leading a fulfilling life, with happiness as a by-product, instead of a focus.


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