Brian Feldkamp, on Being a Lifelong Entrepreneur and the Massive Gains Made from Failing.

Lawrence is joined by Brian Feldkamp, a man of rare distinction of someone who has never had a “boss” or a regular job in his entire life! Brian started his first mail order business when he was in his teens, then went from franchising fitness training programs to eventually moving to LA and working on his first tech startup. He moved back to Chicago where he started his second tech company, and from then on, started his third, fourth and fifth. His ultimate success is, in the words of Churchill: “going from one failure to another, with no loss of enthusiasm”, learning, growing and developing along the way.  He is the epitome of living with the ultimate growth mindset, carefully balancing every new venture on a sliding risk/reward scale.  He balances all his business ventures with a spartan daily workout, while being a doting husband, and an involved father to his two handsome sons.


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