Brian Russ on Bitcoin, Ethereum & the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Lawrence is joined by his friend Brian Russ. Brian is uniquely positioned to talk about complicated issues like both the recent Silicon Bank debacle, as well as Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX scam that affected so many investors in the crypto market; he works for a major bank so is very knowledgeable about traditional finance.  He was also an early investor in Bitcoin for over a decade.

Brian never stops learning about everything that is impacting these two markets. I hope that you enjoy our conversation which covers the SVB and other local banking failure, the FTX fraud, his thoughts on where we are it with inflation; the Federal Reserve’s likely next steps, as well as a crypto market update with his thoughts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Shanghai fork, liquid staking & A/I.

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Until next time, love and good vibes.  

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