Chris Cammozi: Black Belt Mindset from a Veteran of 50 Professional Fights

Chris Cammozi is an absolute beast; a veteran of close to 50 professional fights between MMA, Glory Kickboxing, and Bare Knuckle Boxing.  He was a 20 fight veteran in the UFC and is currently undefeated in BKFC, and training for his next bout. 

Chris shares some of his early years in wrestling, his path to the UFC and life as a bare knuckle fighter.  He shares the wisdom and lessons he has learned along the way; the importance of self growth, financial literacy, finding the right team around you, what makes a good romantic partnership and preparing for a life after fighting. 

1:30: Chris’s youth in Wrestling

7:45: Making the transition from Wrestling and Rugby to MMA

13:30: Difference between fighting on the local scene to fighting in the UFC

20:20: What advice would you give to his younger self

26:00: Loyalty in Fighting

32:00: Being a new fighter in a big gym

41.20: What are the fears that fighters deal with

46.00: Transition to BKFC (Bare Knuckle) competition and the need to build your brand

55.00: The importance of side hustles to generate consistent income

1.00.00: The importance of financial literacy

1.06.00: The information is out there

1:14.00: Having a humble mindset

1:17:00: Having a team mindset in your romantic relationships

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