Chris Matakas: Jiujitsu and Resistance: The Antidote to Modern Struggle

Lawrence is joined by jiujitsu black belt, owner of Matakas Jiujitsu and prolific author, Chris Matakas. Chris recently published his thirteenth book: “Jiujitsu and Resistance: The Antidote to Modern Struggle.” His prolific output is only matched by his broad interests. Originally, he began writing about jiujitsu as a tool for self-development.  Today his writings and work are often not jiujitsu related.  Chris is obsessed with maximizing our human potential and one’s commitment to excellence. Chris believes that the best use of one’s life is mastering one’s self, and ultimately using this mastery for the service of others. We discuss how embracing the Hero Archetype can unlock maximum achievement and fulfillment and how to find the experience of wholeness that aligns with your soul.

“We are not training for sport. We are training for life”.

“The achievement of becoming what one is destined to be, that deepest and truest self, is only made manifest in proportion to the Resistance we are willing to encounter along the path.”

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