Chris Matakas: “Tragic Achievement” & The Traditional Model of Success

A fantastic conversation with jiu-jitsu black belt, owner of Matakas Jiujitsu, prolific author and coach, Chris Matakas. Chris and I discuss the unique balance for your soul, relative to your Professional Life, Personal Development, Health and Home Life. 

0.00:    Chris as a new father

4.00:    How Chris used Jiujitsu as a “Rite of Passage”

10.00:  How Opposites Attract in Personal Relationships 

13.37: Idea of “Tragic Achievement” and why it’s playing in the wrong arena

16.00: Idea of the quality of your life is the quality of your weakest link

19.30:  Our Internal experience is unique to us and how we are an Island universe

23.30:  Dealing with massive injuries while opening his jiu-jitsu school

27.00:  Freedom and forgiveness from praise and blame

32.00:  Infinite pursuits that can’t be mastered

37.00:  Avoiding Life’s infinite distractions from your mission

41.00:  Treating each day like an individual life

47.02: “I don’t want to die going anywhere”

50.00:  You can choose which arena you want to compete in.


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“We get one shot at fulfilling our potential in business and life.

Will you achieve the goal or squander the opportunity?”


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Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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