Christian Reynoso: The Reynoso Legacy

Christian Reynoso has always been the “Man in the Arena”; he spent over two decades in combat sports; was a multiple time amateur MMA champion, and later professional MMA fighter, all while having a career as a Derivatives Options Trader. 

Recently, after a long and arduous 19 year journey, full of great highs as well as soul crushing injuries and surgeries, Christian received his jiujitsu black belt. He’s also making a name for himself in the Midwest MMA scene, as a play by play analyst, as well teaching jiujitsu at Valko BJJ and coaching wrestling and his Kids wrestling programs. 

With their father by their side, his two boys are continuing the Reynoso legacy and his youngest son just placed in the IL state regionals.

“Reynoso boys don’t quit.”

“It is nothing to die. It is horrible not to live.” (Victor Hugo)


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