Darcy Luoma, on Maximizing Potential Through her “Thoughtfully Fit” Life Coaching Program

Lawrence is joined by Darcy Luoma, author of “Thoughtfully Fit: Your Training Plan for Life and Business Success”.  Darcy is a performance coach who focuses on helping her clients achieve business success, but more importantly, she also helps them fulfill their potential in their personal lives. Darcy explains how all the elite performers have coaches, and like them, she herself has always had, and continues to work with a multitude of diverse coaches to maximize her own potential. Her coaching style and personal philosophies are as authentic, as they are raw. Darcy bares all in telling her story, and explains how she used her growth mindset, along with plenty of grit to overcome massive personal tragedy. When her husband was incarcerated, she suddenly had to raise two daughters and run a business on her own. Darcy chose to overcome her dire circumstances and now helps others overcome their own personal struggles, sharing her inspiring courage and amazing perseverance.

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