Deirdre Morrison: The Wizard of Oz, Goldilocks & Other Drivers in Your Brain

Deirdre is on a mission to enhance what people understand about their brains, by helping them tap into the tools and information emerging from work being done by brain scientists. 

Pulling together an unusual range of experiences, including a degree in art and design, a career in PR, two decades entrepreneurship, and a fascination with what makes people tick that is fed by study of applied neuroscience.  In Diedre’s words:

“This is what I see time and time again – people with incredible potential, and not enough information or awareness to make the most of it. These are people who don’t sit in their own driver’s seat.” 

Diedre also hosts the Ambition Incubator Podcast, and uses the platform to discuss ideas that help entrepreneurs succeed.

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Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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