Dr. Danny Brassell on Inspiring Peak Performance through the Powers of Reading

Lawrence is joined by Educator, Author, and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Danny Biddell. Danny has made it his mission to educate the youth on the powers of reading. And as a former inner city schoolteacher from Compton, LA., he knows how to educate and inspire under served communities. The son of a librarian and a reluctant reader most of his childhood, Danny became an avid reader when he finished his doctorate in education and discovered he could finally select books that he wanted to read. His goal is to stimulate people’s interest in reading so that they make it a life-long passion.  In 2003 Danny founded The Lazy Readers’ Book Club, Google’s #1-ranked site for cool, “short book recommendations”. Today Danny inspires audiences around the world to achieve greater performance, engagement, and happiness by discovering their personal motivation. Infusing humor, inspiration and simple techniques to initiate positive change, Danny has equipped tens of thousands of people to overcome challenges, achieve more and give back with his unifying message of “liberation through motivation.”

DannyBrassell.com – speaking engagements FreeGIFTfromDANNY.com – free ebook lazyreaders.com-Danny’s Monthly Book Recommendations

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