Dr. Tess Lawrie: Truth Will Prevail: Empowering Health, Freedom & Sovereignty

Today I will be talking to the incredible Dr. Tess Laurie; Dr. Lawrie is a medical doctor, as well as a research scientist, whose peer-reviewed publications have received over 5000 citations.

Dr. Lawrie has consultant for the World Health Organization, was one of the brave voices who spoke out against the terrible Western government Covid response and now has a new mission to spread the tenets of real healthy living with the World Council for Health.

Dr. Lawrie envisions a healthier world in which science and learned wisdom are brought together to empower people to take responsibility for their own health. She believes that what defines us as human beings is our capacity, desire, and freedom to choose.

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“We can choose to live in fear and separation, or with joy, trust, love, and compassion together.”

Until next time, sending everyone love and good vibes.

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