Dr. Tracy Gapin: How Precision Medicine Can Help you Have More Energy, Lose Weight, Have Better Sex & Live Longer

Dr. Tracy Gapin is the founder and CEO of the Gapin Institute, a board-certified urologist and world renowned men’s health & performance expert with over 25 years of experience focused on men’s health, performance and longevity. He is on a mission to change the narrative around wellness by focusing on a personalized approach to optimal health that’s built for high-performing, high-earning men. 

Dr. Gapin believes the answer to maximizing our healthspan lies in understanding and optimizing key health indicators (KHIs) and shifting to a focus on precision medicine and epigenetics to bridge the gap between current realities and the ultimate goal.

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Learn more about Dr. Gapin at: https://drtracygapin.com/


0:00:    Dr. Gapins Background as a Urologist and why traditional healthcare is failing us.

5.05:    Common men’s health “blindspots” (hormones & Gut).

9.20:    Importance of tracking and the “Hawthorne Effect”.

15.00:  Biggest challenges of CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

20.10: Staple of supplements for “most” people.

25.45: Why Peptides are so important

31.00: Fighting back from FDA restrictions on peptides

36.00: Perfect bedtime routine

39.00: Red Light Therapy

42.00: Plummeting Testosterone and how we can treat it

46.00:  What is Health?

49.30:  How to balance your life to recover (and reduce stress)

53.30:  Fertility Hacks & Marijuana effects

57.00:  HRV to track recovery & overtraining

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