Gary Roberts: Overcoming Tragedy & Empowering Others Through Plant Medicine, Health & Fitness

Gary Roberts is the Founder of Pure Body Zen, a plant based CBD medicine designed to help change the industry. He’s also a CBD Advocate for First Responders, host of the “Good Dudes Grow Podcast” and has been a Firefighter for 18 years. His journey into the truth about cannabis products started after his own enlightening experience after the tragic loss of his daughter and father from opioid overdose.

Gary’s life mission is now Promises Recovery Center to change the way people addicted to opioids get treated.  And Gary also clears up myths and misconceptions around CBD:

  • Why CBD still gets a bad rep in our current society.
  • Why CBD-based products have exactly zero to do with getting high.
  • How low-quality CBD companies compromise their product strength & purity.
  • What CBD does to your body when you find the right dosage. 

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