Geoff Thompson: Watch My Back

Today will be a special episode for me, because I have followed Geoff Thompson since I was a teenage martial artist in England, and I read his first best seller, “Watch My Back”.


Geoff is a man who has lived many lives. In his earlier years he worked on some of the toughest “doors” in Coventry, as a Bouncer, sometimes literally fighting for his life to protect the innocent against the violent (four of his colleagues were murdered during this time). 

He went in to become the prolific author of over 50 books, an award-winning film maker, a spiritual teacher, and has been a life-long martial artist.

Geoff wrote two books solely about fear: both overcoming fear, and developing a strong mindset to face challenging situations. I remember reading these back when I was fighting in MMA to get my mind ready for combat, but his writings on overcoming fear are useful in almost any endeavor, especially the fear of being an entrepreneur with no steady paycheck.

Geoff truly has empowered so many to face their fears, improve their personal safety, and lead more confident lives. And that is what martial arts is about. Leading better lives.

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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