Jay Valko: Financial Freedom By Investing in Real Estate & Stocks

Jay Valko is a 3rd Degree Jiujitsu Black Belt. Jay is the owner of a thriving Jiujitsu gym, Valko Jiujitsu, located in Downtown Chicago. He is my jiujitsu instructor, a husband and father of two boys, and someone who is very passionate about ideas, especially those related to finance and personal freedom.

Jay Valko hosts today’s episode, focusing on financial strategies for wealth creation.

The sponsor of todays’ show is Valko Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a fantastic Jiu-Jitsu gym located in downtown Chicago. Jay is offering 20% of any listeners who want to start their jiujitsu journey!

We discuss the importance of protecting the average listener from this historically high inflation, particularly those who don’t have a financial background. 

Ray Dallio: “No system of government, no economic system, no currency, and no empire lasts forever, yet almost everyone is surprised and ruined when they fall.”

George Washington died because “well meaning” physicians bled him to death. 

Majority of people – are getting bled to death – by inflation, yet still blindly trust clueless bureaucrats who are ruining our currency, using financial models that just don’t work, haven’t work and will never work.



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