Jay Valko, on spending a lifetime mastering the art of jiujitsu, and following his passion for constant erudition.

Lawrence is joined by his longtime jiujitsu instructor, Jay Valko, a lifelong jiujitsu athlete and philosopher with vast interests, specifically, finance and economics, philosophy and political libertarianism. Jay reminisces of his early days of training and his evolution with combat sports. From traditional martial arts to high school wrestling, to the beginning of his jiujitsu journey with Gracie Barra pioneer, Eduardo De Lima in Florida, then finally moving to Chicago and training under the late, great Carlson Gracie. Prior to getting his jiujitsu black belt, he was offered the opportunity to start his own jiujitsu academy and is now a passionate and beloved jiujitsu instructor who gains joy in knowing he is leading and influencing the next generation of competitors through his love for jiujitsu. Jay’s world views are profound and inquisitive in nature, and much larger than jiujitsu alone.

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