JC Almanza: Redemption: Overcoming Addiction, Prison, Violence & Personal Demons

From a childhood filled with trauma, by 9 years old JC Almanza was already a gang member on the south side of Chicago; by 16 he was running drugs for the Mexican Cartel, and by 17 he was arrested and put in a Mexican Prison. After multiple years of incarceration, he eventually overcame addiction, prison, and personal demons.  The catalysts included a year in solitary confinement, meeting his future wife, and finding Jesus. 

Today JC is a fitness expert and coach, as well as a mentor to inmates who he helps transition to a life outside prison. JC is a powerful testament that we all have the power to change for the better, even when we have every excuse not to. 

As the Arizona state Deadlift champion, JC advocates for simplicity in training, highlighting that one can achieve remarkable results with basic exercises like bench press, squat, and deadlift. 

“Forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness, is a cornerstone for personal growth.”

1.00: Early Childhood

4.30: Prison in Mexico

8.07: Opening up a gym after release from prison

13.30: Attempted Suicide and how his wife saved him

24.00: Finding Jesus

26.00: The importance for kids to learn how to deal with their emotions

32.30: Structure of Prison

39.20: Finding Happiness       

43.50: Exercise as a Path to Happiness

46.20: Solitude to listen to your demons

50.00: Simplicity in training

56.00: Mentoring female prisoners use personal training as a career after prison

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