Jeff Lerner: How to Unlock your Potential: from Broke Musician to Multi-Millionaire

As a professional jazz musician after 2 failed restaurants, Jeff Lerner found himself in half a million dollars of debt, suffering in a struggling marriage and living in his inlaws’ basement.  Finding affiliate sales online, he managed to pay off his debts in 18 months and soon became a multi-millionaire through his work ethic and drive. 

Today. Jeff is a devoted husband and father of four and believes a lot of his success is down to his marriage. Together, with his wife Jaqueline, they are now sharing the tools of their success for building a life of what he calls “balanced excellence”. 

Jeff is the author of “Unlock Your Potential” and host of the “Unlock your Potential” podcast.

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1:00: Jeff’s Early Years as a Professional Jazz Musician

5:10: Bohemian Musician to $500,000 of Debt

15:00: Extreme Ownership

19:30: Applied Psychology of Life & Understanding the Mind

29:00: Using affiliate marketing to pay off half a million dollars of debt in 18 months

36:30: Becoming the top .01% through hard work.

43:00: Secrets of a successful marriage

48:38: What we should be teaching our kids

54:00: Winning Mindset & Delayed Gratification

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