Kenny DeGiglio: Director of Education at Pomp’s Crypto Academy

Kenny DeGiglio is a passionate advocate for the revolutionary technology of Bitcoin.

Kenny and I discuss his journey towards Bitcoin, how he got started working with Pomp as director of education at the Pomp Crypto Academy, and why he is so damn passionate about Crypto. 

Kenny has a wealth of knowledge and often goes back to thinking from First Principles to explain about these revolutionary concepts. We talk about how loose monetary policy (printing money) is silent tax on the people in the form of Inflation. The history of those in power hasn’t been good for the people. And the bitcoin trilemma: tradeoffs between security, scalability and decentralization. Just like life you can have 2 of the 3, but never all 3.

As a huge fan of Pomp, it wasn’t surprising that his director of education was so well versed and passionate about Crypto.  Bitcoin truly is a once in a lifetime revolution that can allow us to transport our wealth from 2022 to 2052.  We are no longer slaves of a fiat controlled by a rapacious government. 

“When historians of the future look back at the past two years, they’ll recognize this period as the first social-media induced mass hysteria.”

Kenny is Director of Education at:

Contact Kenny on Twitter: @KennyD21m

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