Kerry Fowler, on Finding Strength From His Childhood Trauma, to Help Him in Becoming a Dedicated Father, and Utilizing Sports as a Catalyst for Everything Positive in his Life

Lawrence is joined by Kerry Fowler, a former sports journalist and local celebrity who stands out in the crowd with his exuberant charm and energy. But, behind the smiles and laughter, Kerry’s past reveals a traumatic and violent childhood that would drown most people when they’ve reach adulthood. Kerry discusses how he redirected his pain and trauma towards his love for sports; eventually excelling at sports achievements and finding a career in sports working side by side with his childhood idols. Today, Kerry is known by his peers for being a dedicated and loving father to his two girls. Instead of letting his past childhood trauma shape him, Kerry persevered by utilizing his broken past in becoming the energetic, wise, and fun-loving person he is known to be and an exemplary father and role model to his daughters!

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