Kit Dale: Efficient Learning & Faster Progression With a World-Class Blackbelt

Kit Dale started Jiujitsu at the relatively late age of 28, with a background in Rugby. However, he used a unique approach to learning and training to get his Black Belt in 4 years, winning several world championships along the way.  

Kit teaches a revolutionary approach to learning jiujitsu, but it really applies to learning anything.   

In his words: “The better you are as a coach, the more you will create scenarios that allow students to figure things out themselves.” 

Today, as well as being an online jiujitsu coach, Kit is pursuing excellence as a screenwriter and actor.  Check out Kit Dale’s latest product, the Art of Mastering Jiu Jitsu, to learn more about his conceptual learning process:


Early Years in football and transitioning to Jiujitsu: 7:10

Finding belief in yourself: 14:35

The power of becoming your own coach: 27:50

Being creative as a screenwriter: 31.10

The need to pivot in Hollywood: 37.50                

Making luck work for you: 43:20

Love for language: 50:48

A different approach to learning jiujitsu: 1.10:00

The jiujitsu environment today: 1.32.06 

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