Luke Jensen: Victory Mindset & Fortitude in Adversity

As the creator of The Victory Mindset Luke Jensen’s calling is to help people connect with the deeper meaning of their life’s purpose. He seeks to help people understand the meaning of why you do what we do, and who we truly are, to get a clear vision of our purpose and direction in life and career.

The “Why” is often the crucial element in our story. Victor Frankl survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps largely due to his often quoted line from Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.”

Luke’s message is the ultimate one of balance. Nurturing every important pillar so that as a “fatherpreneur” is serving your mission and purpose, living a vibrant energetic love life, setting the right example for your children, being present when you’re with your family, and creating a life that is undeniably yours.

Learn more about Luke and the awesome community that he is building at:

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