Marisa Moon: The Smarter Approach to Intermittent Fasting

Marisa Moon is the author of: Not So Fast: The Smarter, More Gradual Approach to Intermittent Fasting Benefits That Last, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and host of The Foundation of Wellness podcast. Marisa fuses together health coaching and life coaching to provide unique insights, all of which are inspired by the principles of ancestral health. Her distinctive coaching style helps others to put an end to the confusion about what’s healthy today, and achieve results that last.

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“Without health, what do we have, really?”


0.00: Finishing her book: “Not so Fast”

4.00: Variables that impact fasting

10.15: Problems with fasting research and training your body

12.20: Building up your fasting window until you find what works for you

18.08: Marisa’s introduction to fasting to deal with her ADHD

25.40: Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

32.20: Why salads before a meal is so healthy, reducing glucose response

36.30: Answers in Ancestral health

41.50: Why slow cooking proteins is so healthy

49.22: Why the pollutants and plastics makes the deck stacked against you

52.00: Breaking a morning fast with a shake

59.00: What breaks a fast and the dilemma of breaking a fast vs consuming extra nutrients

1.05.00: Why you need to check the labels of the food/products you’re consuming

1.10.30:  Mitochondria recovery through diet after Covid

1.15.00: When to “feast” and when to fast

1.19.00: Habit forming from sugar

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