Mark Turner: A Recon Marine’s New Mission in Life: The Overwatch Foundation

What an honor it was to spend some time talking to one of the most inspiring and fearless men I know! Former Recon Marine, Mark Turner, also a 3rd Degree Jiujitsu Blackbelt, and owner of the BJJ Lab Academy in Naperville is someone unique and capable enough to go to Ukraine on a rescue mission in 18 hours notice at the beginning of the Russian invasion!  

Mark is now recruiting more former US Special Operations Veterans to train both Ukrainian military and civilians to fight the Russians through his nonprofit “The Overwatch Foundation”. 

In the last year, “The Overwatch Foundation” has grown into so much more; a humanitarian nonprofit that’s been assembling teams of U.S. Military Veterans to provide critical natural disaster relief and urgent humanitarian response communities all over the world. Mark isn’t just sending heroes to help – he’s been there, on the ground, many times over.

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