Martin Perdomo: From Extreme Poverty to a Real Estate Developer with 150 Units

Martin Perdomo, known as the “Elite Strategist” is the host of Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast, as well as a Real Estate Investor, Developer, Mentor, and family man.

Martin had an unbelievably tough childhood. An immigrant from the Dominican Republic, growing up in Harlem in the 1980s and then getting kicked out of the house by his mother at the age of 16.  Fast forward to today, and with the help of some good mentors and plenty of hard work, he now owns 150 units and his real estate empire is growing yearly. 

Martin attributes much of his success to the importance of mindset, how you approach your business, and taking massive action to build momentum.

“Sacrifice now for a better tomorrow.”

00:00               Interest rate and Investment environment now

08:00               Importance of following the Fed and impact of business

11:30               Future of Inflation and Unemployment

15:20               Martins start in real estate

18:30               Strategies for young people today trying to build wealth

21.40               Martin’s youth as an immigrant in Harlem

31:00               Importance of belief system and values of youth

41.00               The importance of your environment

52.37               Instilling work ethic in his children

1:02:00            Decide, Commit, and Take Action

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Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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