Marty Strong: Former Navy SEAL on Leading through Adversity

Marty Strong has an accomplished leadership career spanning four decades. He worked his way from enlisted SEAL Team member to the SEAL Officer corps, retiring with twenty years service and as a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer who led 36 successful combat missions.

After leaving military service Marty spent seven years as a successful investment advisor with UBS before transitioning into executive management for a billion-dollar-a-year defense contracting company. Today, he is the CEO of a Healthcare Company.

Marty is also the author of the fictional Time Warrior Sagas and the SEAL Strike Series.  He recently published the new business leadership book: “Be Nimble: How the Navy SEAL Creative Mindset Wins on the Battlefield and in Business.”  Be Nimble provides mentorship, tips, tools, and useful examples to help drive home its valuable leadership insights.

Marty’s Latest Book: “Be Nimble”

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