Marty Strong: Lessons from a Navy SEAL Instructor

Marty Strong has an accomplished leadership career spanning four decades. He retired after twenty years of service, as a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer who led 36 successful combat missions. After leaving military service Marty spent seven years as a successful investment advisor with UBS before transitioning into management for a defense contracting company. 

Marty is the author of 9 fiction 2 non-fiction books on business leadership, and his third will be published in 2024: “Be Different: How Navy SEALs & Entrepreneurs Bend, Break or Ignore the Rules to Get Results.”

Resilience: 3:45

Developing Grit: 16:25

Life after the SEALS: 26:60

Investing in yourself: 33:10

Being an Optimist: 45:50

Change is Inevitable: 51:20

How we Lose Creativity: 57:10

Breaking Rules: 1.02:17

Go with the flow: 1.09:25

Tips for Writers 1.15:25

Parenting 1.22:15

“Excellence must become a lifelong habit.” 

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The Overwatch Foundation uses United States Military Veterans to provide critical humanitarian response to those in need. They operate in the harshest conditions and war zones to help as many innocent people on the ground; they are currently on the ground doing incredible work in the middle east.

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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