Matt Michalewiczc: Life in Half a Second

Matt Michalewicz has an incredible resume; 20 years of international experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, and success psychology. As a serial entrepreneur he has started four businesses from scratch and sold them for tens of millions of dollars, using his proven formula for creating success. He has established boards that include former heads of state, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Matt is also a Visiting Fellow at the University of Adelaide, where he lectures on the subject of entrepreneurship.

As an author, Matt has written books on “Winning Credibility”, “Puzzle-Based Learning”, and “Adaptive Business Intelligence”. But it’s his “Life in Half a Second”, that is, in his own words, his masterpiece; It’s his take on what “success” is.  Proven through thousands of studies and decades of research, Matt discusses the five doors you must walk through to achieve success in your career, business, or personal life.

“Life in Half a Second” is one of my all-time favorite books.  I have probably given it to more friends than any other book.  The main premise: living a life that you truly value, doing the things that you want to do, has profoundly influenced the way I live my life.

“The tragedy of life isn’t that we only have half a second. The tragedy is that we waste it.”

“If you do what’s easy, your life will be hard.

However, if you do what’s hard, your life will be easy.”

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