Mickey Schuch: “Carry Trainer” on Murder, Combat Training, Fatherhood & Gun Rights

Mickey Schuch, who everyone knows at the “Carry Trainer”, is a firearms instructor, jiu-jitsu practitioner, health advocate and all around awesome guy.

Mickey travels the country teaching shooting courses with a distinct style and also has a massive YouTube and Instagram following. Mickey has a lot of wisdom and perspective when it comes to training as well as gun rights and fatherhood, which he shares. 

“Our greatest resource, is resourcefulness.” 

This episode is sponsored by Ignis Coffee:


1:00: Intro, episode is sponsored by Ignis Coffee

7:20: How Mickey’s background shaped him with Murders visiting his family

13:20: How a childhoods friends murder shaped his idea of self-protection.

19:30: Story of Kevin Elder’s murder

26:00: Effectiveness of Combat Sports

35:00: Why we have to elect better leaders in local government

48:00: Need for police to have some overhaul.

58:30: Understanding ethical hunting

1.10:00: Thoughts on Fatherhood

1.20:10: Aligned motivations

1:25:00: Importance of Physical Health


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