Mike Bidwell: A Life in Flow

Mike Bidwell is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and operates FloLifeBJJ+.  Mike created his BJJAfter40 brand to encourage, motivate, and create an online community for other older jiu-jitsu athletes. But, Mike’s philosophies apply to much more than just jiujitsu. His commitment to living life on his own terms and being unapologetic about being authentic is something we can all draw inspiration from.

Mike is known as an innovative jiujitsu instructor and content creator, spreading his love and passion for the art. He is fond of speaking about self-belief and intrinsic motivation, and how ultimately jiujitsu is just a tool for our self-development and the only true competition is with ourselves.

“Your belief in yourself is your greatest strength or your toughest adversity. The ‘competition’ is not the other person on the mat or your instructor standing before you….it’s YOU, you are the competition.”

Learn more about Mike’s academy: https://flolifebjj.com/

BJJ After 40: https://www.youtube.com/user/bjjafter40/featured

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