Mo Dadkhah on Working Hard and Playing Harder

In this second episode, Lawrence is joined by his real-estate mentor, Mo Dadkhah, a serial entrepreneur and always the hardest worker in the room. Mo is the owner or Dadkhah Law and Main Street Real Estate Group, among his other ventures. Mo discusses the roots of his insane work ethic, from watching his father, a Persian Immigrant who came to the US with almost nothing, and after several advanced degrees and teaching himself Spanish and English along the way, becomes a very successful surgeon in Chicago. 

Mo talks about playing the long game in business, creating as many win-win situations as possible, his love for car racing, martial arts, and testing himself.  He discusses how he balances his ambitious goals with his health and mental fitness, and how he mentors so many people around him, without burning out and keeping gratitude for all the good in his life. 

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