Nayia Pierrakos: Building Wealth Through Creative Real Estate Investing

It was great to talk to seasoned real estate investor, Nayia Perrakos, who has a very unusual and unique way of buying properties using owner financing to close with little to no money down.

Nayia was an immigrant from the legendary island of Sparta, in Greece. Her life an an entreopreneur started early and today she remains focused on helping others achieve financial freedom. 

“In life, we get what we expect and what we believe, and for us to be happy and successful with our business and personal life, (our external environments) we first need to overcome the biggest obstacle, ourselves (internally).”

Learn more about Nayia at: Wealth Thru Real Estate.  

She will also have a free gift for real estate agents ready next week.  “How to Go from Commissions to Big Profits”. Please get it at:

Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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