Nick Lamagna: Is the real estate market about to crash in 2022?

Lawrence is joined by Nick Lamagna to discuss the real estate market. Since the Fed raised the interest rates 75 basis points last week, and with the highest inflation we have seen in 40 years, the market sentiment has shifted. This also has coincided with a massive “risk-off” trade as investors backed away from equities, commodities and crypto, and the US stock market fell into correction territory.  Many investors are taking a wait-and-see approach and there is a lot of uncertainty right now.

Nick has been investing over 15 years and has seen various market cycles at this point. In this episode we go through some of the similarities and more importantly some of the differences we have today, versus in 2008.  Is there a real estate crash coming, is it a milder correction or just a brief pause? A month ago was the strongest real estate market in a decade, so it’s a very dynamic and hard to navigate environment for investors.

Nick’s Podcast:

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