Nick Lamagna: The Continuous Journey towards Mastery in Jiujitsu, Real Estate & Podcasting

Nick Lamagna juggles being a Real Estate Investor, Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt and host of the A-Game Podcast. But Nick didn’t plan his life this way; when he graduated college he wanted to work in law enforcement to help with counter-terrorism. He scored well on all the tests and thought he was a great candidate for his dream job, until he suffered a permanent hand injury, and was disqualified from the selection process.

This initial disappointment forced Nick to rethink his entire purpose in life. His mom gave him “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which completely changed his view on making money and having a career. In the last decade, Nick has done almost everything in real estate, constantly evolving and learning along the way.

Every challenge forced growth: Nick initially struggled getting mortgages, so he partnered with other real estate investors. He needed more cash, so he started wholesaling. When the 2008 housing market crash happened, he decided to start flipping homes. And now, Nick has scaled into is going into bigger deals. As he travels in search of real estate opportunities, he is constantly honing his craft of jiujitsu at academies all over the country.

Throughout his varied career in real estate (and also as a podcast host) Nick has evolved into being the consummate professional. Some of the wisdom he shares:

Always be Learning and Growing.

Think Creatively.

Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable.

Play the Long Game.

Build a Database of Connections: Clients, Vendors, etc.

Be in Constant Contact with your Team: Communication is Key.

Employ Multiply Strategies.

Travel to Find Opportunities.

Nick’s Podcast:


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