Rocco Jarman: Philosophy of Self-Leadership

It’s always a pleasure when I get to talk to my good friend and inspirational polymath, Rocco Jarman. Today we will be exploring the philosophy of self-leadership, as well as Rocco’s thoughts on the power of Psychedelics. 

You are either riding the waves, being tossed by the waves or you are perhaps making the waves. Either way, there will be waves.

Be relentless in your choosing.

Make for shore.

If you must be undone, be undone at the infinite shoreline, that is where tomorrow begins, that is the event horizon beyond this recurring moment, beyond the threat of new ordeals, where it is right to finally be undone so that we can become something more – at the place where new trials await. It is worth defying even the endless heaving of the entire ocean for this.

A thousand times the waves will come and a thousand times you must say:

“Not today. I am destined for tomorrow.”

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Until next time, love and good vibes. 

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