Sam Dogen, AKA The Financial Samurai: How to Spend your Way to Wealth and Freedom

It was a real pleasure to sit down with Sam Dogen, whose blog, “The Financial Samurai” gives a complete picture of maximizing investing across all investment vehicles – equities, bonds, real estate and other assets, like precious art.

Sam spent over a decade working in corporate finance at Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, before starting Financial Samurai, one of the top independently owned personal finance sites today.

Sam is just about to release his new book: “Buy This, Not That: How to Spend your Way to Wealth and Freedom”.  His goal, after he was able to escape corporate America in his mid-30s and live the life that he has wanted for the past decade, was to write a book that could help other people potentially do something similar. That is both a noble and a realistic aim. The wisdom of deep financial knowledge is a true “life hack” that can benefit us all massively.

“Money is too important to be left up to pontification.”

“Once you achieve a certain level of financial independence, where your passive investment income covers your living expenses, the world opens up.”

“The ultimate goal is to move money into the background so you can stop obsessing over it and start focusing on doing things that matter.”

“The longer you zoom out, the easier it will be to stay the course. After I became a father, I found it easier to invest for the long term because now I was no longer just investing for myself.”

“Time is way more valuable than money! Make sure you make the most of each day.” 

Financial Samurai:

Click here: Link to Sam’s Latest Book: Buy This, Buy That

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